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How to Protect Your Wi-Fi Hotspot with Password?


Free WiFi Hotspot has the ability to customize your SSID which stands for Service Set Identification. Now, you can name your hotspot whatever you want and add a password using WPA2 for protection to keep freeloaders out.

Protect Wi-Fi Hotspot with Password

Before creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, you should provide a name (SSID) for it.

SSID is actually the name used to connect to your wireless network. All devices in the network must use this case-sensitive name to communicate over Wi-Fi. You can enter a name under "Hotspot Name" or simply use the default one - "WiFiHotspot".

Before you enable the hotspot you create, you should provide a minimum 8-digit password for it.

The password is paramount with built-in WPA2 encryption in order to prevent unauthorized network access.

WPA stands for "Wi-Fi Protected Access" which is a security protocol designed to create secure wireless (Wi-Fi) networks. It handles security keys and the way users are authorized.

Protect Wi-Fi Hotspot with Password

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